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Life Insurance For Older People

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The number of 55 plus Americans has been steadily increasing as the baby boomers move into that age bracket. Additionally, more people are living longer lives. These trends have caused term life insurance prices to fall by approximately 33% in the last 10 years. To keep pace with the growing… Read more »

Fearing Self-Growth And Not Being Where You Truly Want To Be?

Many of us have a fear of self-growth. Why? By looking beyond your own fears of what seems to be a bad situation you are forgiving it. Yes, that’s right, and from that point belief in self-growth will embed itself in you. It will become knowledge and you’ll find out… Read more »

FAQS About Metal Roofs

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Metals roofs are an excellent financial investment towards home improvement. If you are in the market for a new roof, you would not be making a mistake by considering a metal roofing system. But like all major investments, you likely have questions; questions that require an answer if you expect… Read more »

Tarot Cards Pros and Cons

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You may have picked up a tarot card deck at some point in your life and played the cards either by yourself or with a friend. They can be fun to use and interesting to read the meaning of the cards. However to actually get a professional tarot card reading… Read more »

Vegetarian Cuisine

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Rabbit food. That’s what my dad calls vegetarian cooking and cuisine. Salads and vegetables – can’t be anything more to it, can there? Oh, but there is. Vegetarian cooking is at least as varied as ‘regular’ cooking – and in some cases, far more imaginative. Nearly thirty years ago, Diet… Read more »