How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat

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You would love to know how to get rid of stomach fat but have heard so many facts that you can not tell myth from truth. Well here are 5 common myths you should be aware of


Sit ups can be beneficial for tightening the stomach muscles if done correctly and done in conjunction with a healthy eating plan. But a lot of people honestly feel that they can still eat freely and just do a load of sit ups to get rid of all junk they ate that day.

By disregarding the simple fact that you need to cut down on your fat and calorie intake, all of the sit ups and other tummy exercises are a complete waste of time. In fact, apart from seeing shrinkage, your tummy appearance may increase. How is this possible? Because you are enlarging the muscles below the fat, which will push the fat outwards. The fat needs to go first before the tummy toning begins.
Many people make this error when they first start on an exercise plan. They do not reduce the fat and calorie take before doing the exercises. They could be nailing 300 crunches every day of the week but no positive results will come, just a bigger belly. To get the results, cut the calories.

Myth 2

Twenty odd high quality sit ups or crunches will benefit you more so than 200 badly done crunches. Instead of trying to rush through them just and do them badly to get them finished, taking the time to do them correctly and doing less is the key.

A good tip here is to do 4 sets of 15 – 25 good quality sit ups and rest for 60 – 90 seconds in between each group as this is a far better way to get the results. It takes the same time to do 50 good ones as it does to do 100 bad ones.

Myth 3

Trying to lose fat from just your stomach and no where else on the body is possible. WRONG. By concentrating on just one part of your body to lose fat, you will not allow your body to get the metabolism going properly. If you want to blitz the belly fat, you'll need to workout the WHOLE body. This will get the metabolism fired up high and in turn, will burn away all excess fat, including the stomach.

Myth 4

You could be male or female but we all want a show piece 6 pack to display at the beach. To get this wonder abs look is not as easy as going to the gym. You need to have a solid eating plan which includes as little fat as possible. If you have a lean six pack, any fat you consume will be easy to spot when the fat makes its way down to the belly. You will need to increase your protein intake as well. Protein can help to build muscle and burn fat. So the first step in getting a six pack is not the gym, but the right food, then exercise.

Myth 5

When thinking of exercise to help flatten the tummy, do not put running too high on the list. Why? Running may pull your pelvis forward. It may also cause your lower back to arch. Yes, running can be very beneficial as a keep fit tool and to burn excess calories but some of us will only see results if you combine tummy crunches or sit ups with the running.

So remember. It is about about only doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups daily. You need to incorporate a healthy eating plan and all over body exercise. That fat will then come off from all over, including the stomach.

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