How To Loose Belly Fat – 7 Tricks That Worked For Me

How to loose belly fat when you’re conscious you are overweight. Usually you’ll be able to giggle at yourself. In years past, I got grossly overweight and I will be truthful, it just didn’t bother me at that time. Eventually I pigged out so bad that I got real ill. That’s when I believed I had to loose belly fat and get my butt into shape. I heard all of the body fat jokes and my dumbass would even joke about my own belly fat. I appeared humorous because I had this tremendous beer belly and little arms and legs. My legs, arms, and face had been little and my belly looks like I seemed to be at least seven months pregnant.

You hear it constantly that when you’re body fat you need to shed weight. Yea right, I got that and a single day time I will lose the belly body fat. But over time, I just kept eating and consuming because you get a high from the food. Some individuals are addicted to drugs or alcohol and some are addicted to food. I did not want to believe that I was addicted to food, because I thought how you can get addicted to food. So a single day I decided to just write down all the food I ate and when I ate.

Following the first day time, it did not seem like I ate that much and I did not eat more than four times that day time. Then I set a program on my palm pilot that I could mark down what I ate and when I ate. I entered the information into the palm for 30 days. There were a couple of times that I forgot to enter the data, but I had sufficient info to obtain a true sample from the foods I ate and how numerous occasions a day time I ate.

One Saturday I sat down and looked at the info I had put into my palm and boy was I surprised. I found out that I ate at least 6-8 times a day and most of the food I had been consuming was junk foods. Then for S&Gs I wrote down how much each foods item cost me. I am too embarrassed to say in this article how much money I spend each week on foods and snacks. Then I broke my list down by the types of foods I ate and more than 80% of the foods I ate had been unhealthy foods. The other things I noticed had been that I would drink a minimum of 5-8 sodas a day, and on weekends I would drink close to a case of sodas.

You don’t think about what goes into your body until you appear at a list of all of the things you consume. I knew I had to do something and I had to do something fast. I tried dieting and that was not for me, because I would not stick to the plan. I lose a pound then gain five back. It became too much work to shed fat and I wanted six pack abs, but I didn’t want to work too hard to get them.

So I decided that I would not look at it as a diet plan, but a lot more like a lifestyle change. I started doing my research into what type of lifestyle change I wanted to make. Once I came up with my plan, I implemented the following eight actions:

Steps 1 – No More Blame

I stop blaming others for my belly body fat and I took responsibility for my personal weight.

Step 2 – My Goals

I wrote down what goals I wanted to reach with my lifestyle change. I also made sure that what I wrote down was based on me and me alone. I wanted to change my life, but it had to become on my terms. I love my family to death, but I had been not doing this for them. I was doing this for me. I needed their support, but not their nagging.

Step 3 – Target Date

I set a date that my lifestyle change would start. I did not make to date to soon and I didn’t make it a lot more than 30 days away. I figured I needed time to get my mind prepared for what I was about to do.

Step 4 – My List

Made a grocery list of all the foods and drinks I needed for my lifestyle change. And when I went to the store I made sure I had ate before I even got to the store. I only bough the items on my list plus a few things my wife needed for the house. I also got rid of all my junk foods and sodas. I told my family that I needed them to set their junk foods and sodas in their rooms for the very first two weeks of my plan. I also asked them not to drink or eat junk foods in front of me during my first two weeks. I must admit my family was really supportive and they really help me to lose my weight. And what I like was that nobody nagged the crap out of me.

Step 5 – The Day It All Begin

On my start day I made sure that I knew exactly what I had been going to do that day regarding what I ate and when I ate. I followed my plan exactly the very first five days. On day time six I cheated and had a soda. I felt so guilty afterwards that I never cheated again. It was funny simply because when I cheated, I had been the only person that knew I cheated. Yet I hated myself for being so weak and I promised myself at that time that I would not cheat again.

Step 6 – Rewards

I rewarded myself for reaching my first goal objective. Then I set a reward for myself for my next goal objective. I know this is going to sound crazy to some individuals, but my very first reward was to go to the clothing store and pick out a pair of pants for my new weight and try the pants on in the store. In the past, I would buy a pair of pants and just hurry up and pay for it. I would never try the pants on in the store to make sure they fit. I came out from the dressing room and I walked around with the pants on like they had been made of gold.

Step 7 – Finish Line

For the first time in a long time I set a goal for myself and reached that goal. I lost more than 50 pounds on my lifestyle plan and now I feel like a new person. I am so glad that I discovered the correct program on the internet and I really glad that I actually followed the plan. Losing belly body fat or trying to burn body fat, you very first convince yourself which you can do it. The internet if filled with lots of great fat loss, body fat burning, and body fat loss programs. But if you really wish to lose the weight you got to sell yourself on the idea of a lifestyle change. Because that’s what fat loss is all about.

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