What Is The Best Detox Diet?

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Detox diets come in all shapes and sizes which may surprise you. Although there are general guidelines as to what and what can not be included in the best detox diet. All of them agree with eating only unprocessed foods that combine fruit, vegetables nuts etc. and all of them agree that only drinking herb teas or water is a must.

Some of the other types of treatment that can be used to detox the body include wonderful things like massages and body brushing, very nice, or colonic irrigation if you would prefer. That last treatments is most definitely not for me.

The body is designed to detox itself that is why we have so many excretory organs such as the skin and kidneys etc. Our bodies detox themselves multiple times a day, without the need for a special detox diet and I think it goes without saying that the more water based drinks that we have the more times we will rid our bodies of toxins.

So water, which is the most natural body detoxifier is always included in the best detox diet. Even without going on a special diet, which incidentally is only recommended to last for a couple of weeks at the most, water is a life giver.

Every cell in your body cries out for water every day but it is important that the quality of water that you drink does not put your organs at risk of disease by the contaminants that are in your water supply.

The best thing that you can do to have a successful detox diet is to ensure that you filter and purify your water at home as it has been proven that you can not trust the public water supply to be safe enough to drink and bottled water can not be trusted even more as there are not regulations for it.

When you invest in a good water filter you are in fact investing in the health and well being of you and your family. So make sure that the system that you buy lives up to its reputation and has multiple filters with the ability to remove parasites, THMs and other toxic contaminants by nearly 100% without stripping the water of its health giving minerals.

Shop around and do some research but you will probably want a unit that is at least a point of use one that is placed on the counter top and a really good one can start from just under $ 125. This is terrific value for months of fresh pure water. At least I thought so when I bought my unit. It was so much easier and cheaper than keep on using a pitcher filter which I used to do.

So finally for my last word on the best detox diet for it to be really successful make sure that your water is safe to drink.

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